Until now, we have told you that X# 3.0 will be for .Net next and that X# 3.0 will be the next release after 2.15.
Some of you have told us that you think .Net next is less important than some other things that we have on our to-do list.

We have discussed this and decide to listen and change our priorities.
Not that .Net next is very difficult w.r.t. the compiler and runtime, but full support inside Visual Studio takes a bit longer than we expected.

We will therefore work on several other things first that many of you have asked for:

  • RDD on top of SQL (through Ado.Net)
  • Client/Server RDD, where the server connects to the database, and the client can only access the data through the server (like Advantage does).
    The server could then use normal DBF files, but also a single user SQL database, like SQLite or a normal SQL database.
  • Completion of the Unicode/AnyCPU GUI and SQL classes for VO users,
  • Completion of the converter and runtime classes for FoxPro users,

Our original plan to drop support for Visual Studio 2017 after X# 2.15 is still in place. In the build after X# 2.15 we will deliver a VSIX file with the Visual Studio integration as we have in X# 2.15 that you can keep using with VS 2017.
New development in the Visual Studio integration will be for Visual Studio 2019 and later.

The upcoming build 2.15 is being tested in the team. We expect to release it to our beta testers next week. Hopefully we can release this “Carnival build” to our subscribers in around the 20th of February..


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